Slots FAQ

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Are the slots results really random?

Every slots machine that is installed at the land-based or online casino has been carefully tested and certified so that to provide the fair gaming results and the equal winning chances for all the players.

Is it possible to beat slot machine?

There is no any slots system that really works. Just play for fun and do not expect to win much. Remember, that the longer you play the more you risk to lose, that is why you must always know when it is time to stop.

Why to play at high denomination slot machine?

One of the best slots tips states that if you want to win more it is better to play at the high denomination machines as they usually have higher payout percentage. But of course you can choose such slots only if your bankroll can afford it.

Why to play slots online?

To play at online casino is very convenient and there you can find everything you need. In fact, online casinos are even more fair than Vegas ones. All online casinos have fair RNG that provides random results and payouts are usually higher at online casinos. In addition, among the online gambling advantages are the fast and secure money transactions over the Internet.

What are the odds at online slot games?

Online casinos offer the same or even higher winning odds at slot machines than the land-based casinos. Moreover, if you choose to gamble online you can benefit from the special bonus offers that may increase your game bankroll.

What slots are online?

At online casinos you can find all the slot types that are common for Vegas casinos: a great number of classic 3-reel slots, multi-reel slots, numerous bonus and progressive slots.

Where I can play penny slots?

As penny slots are among the most popular slot games almost all online casinos provide a great variety of this type of slots. Just visit the casino and check up the list of all featured slots.