Slots Myths

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May be you have heard some stories about winning at slots that sound like superstations rather than true facts. Really, many slots players believe in some gambling theories that are in fact myths.

Myth #1

This myth states that slot machine that has been cold will become hot for a while. To tell the truth, when the player pulls the slots arm or pushes the button the RNG (Random Number Generator) randomly creates the combination of the symbols and it doesn't care whether slot machine is hot or cold.

Myth #2

Some gamblers play slots only at the land-based casinos as they believe that the winning chances are higher when you pull an arm rather than press the button or click the mouse. All the machines provide completely random results and the way how you start the machine doesn't influence on the work of the RNG.

Myth #3

Sometimes it happens that after you have played at slot machine for one hour or more someone else takes you seat and immediately hits the jackpot. Thus you may think that the player won only due to your hard work and money you have inserted into the machine. Again, it is not true because of the RNG that picks up the symbols in a random way.

Myth #4

It is believed that if slot machine paid out the jackpot it requires much time to pay out it again. But due to the randomness of each slot machine it is possible to hit the jackpot at the same machine several time in a row. Even if you have never seen such situation it really happens.

Myth #5

In order to increase the winning chances at slots the players may warm their coins and make them hot enough to hit the jackpot. Slot machines are programmed so that to provide independent results and no outside factors can influence the outcome of each spin.

Myth #6

Some of the players are convinced that the casino regularly changes the odds and payout percentage at slot machines that is why the casino pit bosses can influence the game and make you hit the jackpot. This is false as slot machines contain the computer chips that determine the payouts and no one can intrude into the mechanism and change the game results.