Slots Terms

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Slots are not difficult games to learn and play but there are a few terms that you must know for better understanding of the game.

Bet One

The option that allows to bet only one credit at online slots.

Big Bertha

A gigantic slot machine that contains up to 8 reels (or even 10) with multiple symbols.


Full hopper.


To win at the slot machine.


The coins that are inside the slot machine. When the hopper is full the casino gets the surplus as the profit.

Loose Slot Machine

Slot machine with a small house advantage that pays out very often.

Max Bet

The maximum amount of the coins that the player can bet per one spin. In order to qualify for jackpot the player must bet max.

One-Armed Bandit

Slang for the slot machine.

Pay Line

The specific combination of the symbols that is considered to be winning at this or that slot machine and brings the pyout.

Payout Percentage

The size of the return that the player can win at the slot machine. For example, if the payout percentage is 95% it means that the player gets back 95 cents out of every wagered dollar.

Pay Table

The list of all possible payouts provided by the slot machine. Pay table usually contains the information about winning combinations, bonuses, and betting limits.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot that increases with every coin played at the slot machine. Progressive jackpot grows until one of the players wins it and when this happens it gets back to the starting amount.


The special drums that rotate and create the winning combinations out of different symbols.


The starting amount of any progressive jackpot at slot games. After the progressive jackpot is won it goes back to the seed.

Slots Hold

The percentage that the house gets as a profit from every bet.


One of the terms that is used for slot games with the static jackpot that doesn’t grow.


The special pictures on the slots reels that are used to create the winning combinations. All the slots are differently themed that is why the list of the symbols depend on the slots type you choose to play.

Tight Slots

Slots with low payout percentage.

Wild Symbol

The slots symbol that can stand for any other symbol in order to create the combinations that is profitable for the player.