How to Play Slots

Available on all devices

Slots are very popular with the gambler all over the world probably because they are very easy to play and you do not need to learn any specific rules to play slots. All you need is to choose your slot game, insert a coin, pull the arm or hit the play button and here are the results!

Each slot machine contains the list of the winning combinations and the payouts. You can find this list on the top of the machine, near it or if you gamble online you have option to open a payout table and check up the winning combinations. Traditional and most of other slot machines provide cash prizes while at some slots you can get a number of extra spins as winnings. Depending on the slot game variations and the casino rules different machines require different amount of the minimum bet for one spin. The minimum bet may range from one penny to $100 or more.

Slots Instructions

  1. Choose the type of slots: traditional, multi-reel, progressive, or video slots.
  2. Choose the amount you want to bet depending on the betting limit.
  3. If you play multi-reel slots choose the number of paylines.
  4. Insert a coin (coins) or click ‘Insert Money’ button.
  5. You can bet the maximum amount by pressing ‘Bet Max’ button.
  6. In order to bet the minimum amount press ‘Bet One’ button.
  7. You game balance is displayed in the special credit box.
  8. Pull the arm or click ‘Spin’ button. At some slots the start button can be named as ‘Start’ or ‘Spin’ button.
  9. To see the winnings click ‘Winner Paid’ icon.

Note: If you do not receive your winning from the slot machine at the land-based casino, do not get up to ask for assistance. Just wait for the casino employee passing by and ask to help you. Otherwise, after you get up you automatically lose your credits and if other player occupies your seat you will not be able to prove that you haven’t collected your winnings at that slot machine.